Dogmade was founded in 2018 by friends Emil and Jan. And Peanut! 

"Peanut's birthday was coming up and I wanted to create a portrait of her to celebrate our first year together, and the fact that she had finally stopped eating all my shoes.

I experimented for a while and finally came up with a design I was happy with. After finding a nice frame, I hung it up on my wall and was actually quite proud of what I had created.

One day, my friend Jan came and the first thing he saw was the portrait of Peanut. He immediately thought of all the people he knew who would love a portrait of their own dog. And just like that, the idea behind Dogmade was born!

Today, we have created motifs for over +100 dog breeds. For every design, I go through a process of multiple iterations to strike the right balance between simplicity and detail, aiming to capture the most iconic and characteristic features of each dog breed. And to truly add a personal touch, you can also add your dog's name at the bottom."

Emil Tiismann, Artist